A Week of Wartime Food

Throughout my time at school I hated history despite loving to watch documentaries and read books about history. Only now do I know that this is because history at school focuses on war and monarchy and dates whereas I’m more interested in the realism of social history. After watching the Back in Time for DinnerContinue reading “A Week of Wartime Food”

A Full Face of Lush Makeup

In a society that prizes appearance over personality, makeup is integral to survival. Some may escape the propaganda of the beauty industry but for those who don’t there needs to be a way to feel confident without being detrimental to the planet. When I was 9, I first experienced the self-consciousness that results from beingContinue reading “A Full Face of Lush Makeup”

A Week of Meal Prep

Recently, I’ve fallen back into old habits. I’ve been eating toast for breakfast, which leaves me hungry and unsatisfied, I’ve been snacking at midday and losing track of time so that I miss lunch altogether, and I’ve been forgetting about dinner until my mum makes it for me. From day one of my week ofContinue reading “A Week of Meal Prep”

Meal prepping?

I have been wanting to try meal prepping for so long but had no idea how to start. What meals were the best to make? Should I keep them in the fridge or the freezer? What if some foods don’t do well when kept in the fridge for week after cooking? Meal prepping is aContinue reading “Meal prepping?”

Day Five of 5am

Day Five Five days of 5am seems to be one good day and one bad. Today was not exactly bad but I woke up feeling very tired. I still went to the gym and got a good workout but I got to the gym later than usual and there is a HUGE influx of peopleContinue reading “Day Five of 5am”