Day One of 5am

Day One

I went to bed at about half 9 so it took me ages to fall asleep and then I was in and out of dreams until half 3 when I woke up as if it was 5 already. I stumbled out of bed to the bathroom and was blinded by the light. Then in my way back I trod on one cat and fell on another, making them both angry and confused as they don’t seem to realise I can’t see them in the dark. I forced myself to go back to sleep and according to Sleep Cycle I yo-yoed between being awake and being in deep sleep for just over an hour.

Day One Window

Considering all this I didn’t feel too bad waking up. I spent some time with my head out of the window breathing in some fresh air and listening to the wood pigeons, I drank some water, and I ate some Nakd bites.

Day One Snacks

I was lucky enough to get a lift to the gym and once I stepped in to the gym I started to feel the sleep deprivation. I tried to do a simple workout but I just felt faint and my head hurt so I finished the workout in 20 minutes and then walked home feeling like I might pass out. Luckily I didn’t. I’ve never actually passed out. But I spent the 2 hours before work just relaxing and replenishing my energy levels with a Trek bar and some cereal with nuts and flaxseed.

Towards the end of the day I started to feel more normal. No better than normal but no worse. Hopefully this will get better? I’m looking forward to seeing a difference.

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