Learning French for a trip to Paris

I have wanted to properly learn a language for some time now but have never felt like I had the time and was never sure which to learn with so many to choose from: French, Spanish, German, Italian, Greek e.t.c. Not to mention languages from places outside Europe and extinct languages such as Latin and Ancient Greek! But my recent trip to France prompted me to learn some basic French which I hope to expand on afterwards. To do this I compiled a list of words and phrases that were most likely to be useful to me in Paris and which was short enough for me to learn in a limited to amount of time. The list is not perfect as I have never had French lessons and had to use the Internet and my own initiative to work out some of the phrases but English is the third most spoken language in the world and one of the friends I am going with speaks French so we did not really need to be perfect for my trip!

My list ended up like this:
• Hello/ Good morning/ Hi – Bonjour/ Salut
• Goodbye – Au revoir/ Salut
• Good evening – Bonsoir
• Goodnight – Bonne nuit
• Please – S’il vous plaît
• Thank you (very much) – Merci (beaucoup)
• Sorry – Dèsolè
• How are you? – Comment allez-vous?
• I am fine – Ça va
• Very well – Très bien
• Yes – Oui
• No – Non
• Okay/ agreed – D’accord
• And – Et
• With – Avec
• Or – Ou
• Excuse me – Excusez-moi
• Pardon? – Pardon
• How are things? – Comment ça va
• My name is… – Je’mapelle…
• I am English – Je suis Anglais
• Do you speak English? – Parlez-vous Anglais
• I do not understand – Je ne comprends pas
• Pleased to meet you – Enchanté
• Help me – Aidez-moi
• I am lost – Je suis perdu
• I am lost – Je suis malade
• See you soon – À bientot
• See you tomorrow – À demain
• Mr – Monsieur
• Mrs – Madame
• Miss – Mademoiselle
• Where is the…? – Où est le…?
• I want the…? – Je veux les…?
• A bottle of water – Une bouteille d’eau
• Tap water – Eau du robinet
• Chicken – Poulet
• Fish – Poisson
• Salad – Salade
• Potato – Pomme de terre
• Rice – Riz
• Pasta – Pâtes
• Tomato – Tomate
• Soup – Soupe
• Bakery – Boulangerie
• Butchery – Boucherie
• Cake shop – Pâtisserie
• Turn left – Tourner à gauche
• Turn right – Tournez à droite
• Where are the toilets? – Où sont les toilettes
• I want the bill – Je veux l’addition

The summer holidays is a great time for not only visiting new places either abroad or within the country you live but for learning new things and improving yourself as a person. Learning a new language, reading new genres, researching a topic that interests you or experimenting with writing in the form of blogging or short story writing are all enjoyable pastimes which can help to keep you productive, whilst spending time with friends and family either just relaxing or doing something active like cycling can help your physical and emotional wellbeing, something especially key for introverts as it is easy to isolate yourself during holidays!
As for me, I had a great holiday in Paris with my homemade phrase book (even though I rarely used it!) and wish anyone else planning to go to France luck with their French!

To see my Trip Advisor reviews for our B&B, the café we ate dinner at, and the boat tour we went on, click the links below.




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