Mind Palaces

Mind palaces. Most of us didn’t know what they were before we watched BBC Sherlock’s The Hounds of Baskerville and were inspired by the scene in which Sherlock appears to have a brain like a computer. I was definitely inspired by that episode of Sherlock, but I didn’t take action for a long time as I didn’t think I would be able to make a mind palace, but I think that was more due to Sherlock making it look so complex!
I finally decided to make my own mind palace when I came across a Tumblr post about mind palaces. The person who wrote the post said that he used Hogwarts as his mind palace, but I found that my memories of Hogwarts just weren’t strong enough!
But then I found that it just happened. A world formed in my head, with infinite possibilities. My mind has a library, a room, a beach, and a wood! A mind palace can be anything you want it to be but you have to know the place you choose well or you won’t be able to use it for anything. But once you have found a place, real or imagined, that you know inside out, you can use it to lock away embarrassing memories or scary films that gave you nightmares, to make a place where you can go to relax and meditate to forget your worries, or to store information.
Mind palaces are usually used to store information in the way that Sherlock and Magnussen do, as the actual technique is Method of Loci, an idea originating from Ancient Greece, in which you use locations to store information. Method of Loci isn’t for everyone, as it takes a lot of time and effort and requires constant maintenance to keep your palace clear in your mind and your memories fresh. Rehearsal is key to memory.
Method of Loci may seem like a great idea for exams, but unless you are either naturally good at it or have practised storing memories, it probably isn’t the best idea, especially not just before exams, as memories will need to be rehearsed for a while before the exam.
If you do decide to make a mind palace, I would recommend doing some research on Google first. While writing this post, I decided to try out traditional method of Loci, using the guide on wikiHow. I thought their method of remembering words in an order based on objects in a room was a bit weird and I thought it would take ages to master, but decided to try it anyway… I was shocked with the results, as it worked perfectly and I can still recall each and every word in any order!

1. Cabinet – Star
2. Sofa – Candy (sweets)
3. Television – Wings
4. Fireplace – Salutations
5. Cupboard – Power
6. Litter tray – String
7. Filing cabinet – Stubborn
8. Umbrella stand – Shopping
9. Computer – Blonde
10. Dining Table – Steak
11. Washing Machine – Speakers
12. Sink – Grimace
13. Oven – Case
14. Bin – Couch (Sofa)
15. Fridge – Announcement

I would recommend you look at these sites on Mind Palaces:


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